• NAME : Executioner
  • BOAT TYPE : Fishing boat
  • BOAT CATEGORY: Multi-species
  • DELIVERY: 2016
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The Executioner is a multi-species fishing boat equipped to catch crabs, shrimp, and groundfish. Its numerous holds, its refrigerated seawater system, and its ability to produce liquid ice onboard make the vessel a technological gem.

Challenging logistics and efficiency

Optimizing fishing boats for different types of fishing is quite rare in Québec, so logistics and efficiency were a concern when designing the Executioner.

Fortunately, the needs were clear. And to make fishing for crab, redfish, and shrimp as efficient as possible, we were very careful with the layout of the deck and holds. This build was made even more efficient thanks to our client’s fishing experience and our own experience in this type of construction.

With this project, McCarthy’s Fisheries became one of the first in Eastern Canada to have a liquid ice system.

Technical Specifications

  • LENGHT : 24.4 m / 80 ft
  • BEAM: 8.23 m / 27 ft
  • OWNER : McCarthy’s Fisheries
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Forillon Shipyard
  • SPEED : 10 knots
  • ENGINE : 1000 HP/749 kW
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminium