Project description

  • NAME : Break Even
  • BOAT TYPE : Tugboats
  • DELIVERY : 2012
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The Break Even is a workhorse that can handle heavy-duty work in deep and shallow waters. Its engine provides over 800 HP, making it extremely maneuverable—and above all, very reliable, even in light ice conditions.

Big power in a small, versatile package

The Break Even meets some very specific needs. Used to push barges or other floating structures, it can sail almost anywhere thanks to its very shallow draft.

We developed a pulley system made of two hydraulic winches that allows barges and other floating structures to be attached “crossbow-style.” The boat also needed to be transported by road, so the cabin was designed to be removable. This allows it to sit on a low-bed trailer.

While the square hull made the boat easier to build, its small size called for a certain agility from our team.

The model was revisited and improved six years later with another boat, Le Hervé.


Spécifications techniques

  • LENGHT : 12.19 m / 40 ft
  • BEAM : 3.65 m / 12 ft
  • OWNER : McNally Construction
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Forillon Shipyard
  • SPEED : 10 knots
  • ENGINE : 2 x 330 HP
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminum