• NAME : Ugjit Mijua’ji’jg
  • BOAT TYPE : Fishing boat
  • BOAT CATEGORY: Crabber and trawler
  • DELIVERY: 2022
  • SERVICES USED : Construction

The Ugjit Mijua’ji’jg is a fishing boat built primarily for crabbing, but designed to be easily modified into a trawler for groundfish.

Versatile, high-tech, and eco-friendly

Crabbers and trawlers are fundamentally quite different. They meet different needs and run during different fishing seasons. Our mission was to build a boat that would be optimized for both types of fishing to serve the Mi’gmaq community of Listuguj.

To do this, we played with the ballast, gave the hydraulic system a greater capacity than a standard crabber, and found a good balance between pull and speed by changing the transmission ratio. As a result, the Ugjit Mijua’ji’jg enjoys both good pull and a good cruising speed.


The boat’s exhaust treatment system also meets the new Transport Canada standards and reduces pollutant emissions by 93%. It is the first vessel to receive this technology at Forillon Shipyard, and only the second in Quebec.


This boat has another mission: to protect the future of the children of Listuguj. It was therefore named Ugjit Mijua’ji’jg, which means “for our children” in the Mi’gmaq language. It also proudly sports the colour orange, the symbol of the Every Child Matters movement.

This is the third project for this nearby community in the Gaspé Peninsula.

Technical Specifications

  • LENGHT : 19.81 m / 65 ft
  • BEAM: 7.31 m / 24 ft
  • OWNER : Mi’gmaq Government of Listuguj
  • SPEED : 10 knots
  • ENGINE : 750 HP/1800 RPM
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminium