History - Chantier Naval Forillon


70 years of passion and innovation


Founding of Gaspé Shipbuilding Inc., a promising company facing many challenges.


Several captains take the helm at Gaspé Shipbuilding Inc. over the next 40 years, until the arrival of a group of five shareholders led by Hilaire Journault and Bertrand Paquette, who change the name of the business to Chantier Naval Forillon.


Construction of the Danie-Martine, the first crab fishing boat of the shipyard’s history.


First in-house design of a boat, the Marie-Claude.


Robert Côté, part of the team since 1992, becomes the main shareholder and sets up our commercial shipbuilding department.


Chantier Naval Forillon is awarded a contract to build a ferry for New Brunswick, which will set the stage for four other agreements with Ontario and Quebec, among others.


Launch of the MV Peter-Fraser, our hybrid ferry and a first in North America!


Construction begins on 10 search and rescue vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard.


Team members Jean-David, Jean-Daniel, Jean-Nil, and Pierre-Émile take over, ready to steer the shipyard towards new horizons.


The Chantier Naval Forillon celebrates 70 years of success and innovation.

A proud History


Located by the sea in the Gaspé Peninsula, Chantier Naval Forillon’s facilities benefit from an advantageous geographical position. They’re also modern, like our technologies, and perfectly tailored to designing, building, and repairing vessels. They let us work efficiently to deliver the vessel you want.

Our infrastructure and equipment make us one of the best-equipped shipyards in the marine industry in Quebec. Our Crandall-type slipway can handle displacements of up to 800 tonnes (a rarity in the province) and allows us to pull fishing boats, barges, tugs, and ferries with ease.


We have three major certifications to date, guaranteeing the quality of our work in management and fusion welding of steel and aluminum.

  • CSA W47.1 certification 
  • CSA W47.2 certification 
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification

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Led by a proud and passionate management, our team is composed of experienced and qualified employees. At Chantier Naval Forillon, we’re all happy to build, repair, or design safe and high-tech vessels because everyone plays a role perfectly suited to their skills.

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