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Ship repair and modification

Mindful, down to the last detail

We put just as much thought and effort into repairing or modifying vessels as we do in manufacturing them. Our design and construction expertise encourages us to think outside the box and, most importantly, to think of everything.

We guide our clients from the beginning to the end of their repair or modification project, always keeping an eye on the overall progress. Each change is made with the utmost attention to detail and in accordance with marine industry standards.

Your vessels will be repaired or modified by experienced workers and managers who thrive on challenges. We have all the equipment and experts needed to efficiently complete your projects, even if they seem complicated. And of course, they’ll be completed on time.

The Forillon Signature


Great value

We use our expertise, ingenuity, and modern facilities to make high-quality repairs and modifications to your vessels. Your project will be supervised by a team that knows what it’s doing, and you’ll feel confident that you’re getting added value for every dollar invested!

Big picture

When it comes to naval architecture, we may pay close attention to detail, but we also understand the big picture. When we repair or modify something, we think about all the implications it might have on the rest of the vessel.

Compliance with standards

Our attention to detail extends to regulatory requirements as well. Whether the change is big or small, we repair or modify vessels by considering all the standards that govern shipbuilding.

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