• NAME : CMN Nutashkuan
  • BOAT TYPE : Fishing boat
  • BOAT CATEGORY: Trawler
  • DELIVERY: 2004
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The CMN Nutashkuan is a versatile and very rugged vessel, capable of fishing for crab, scallop, shrimp, and clams in the rough waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

A hardy, versatile vessel

The CMN Nutashkuan was designed for catching a wide variety of species, with refrigerated holds for storage.

A 300-fathom scallop winch was installed to facilitate hauling, along with a deck crane and hydraulic boom for crabbing.

A large shelter with a removable section was added to the starboard side of the deck for the crew’s comfort and convenience. A bow bulb and anti-roll tanks were incorporated to enhance comfort and fuel efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • LENGHT : 18.9 m / 22.3 ft
  • BEAM: 6.8 m / 23 ft
  • OWNER : Conseil des Montagnais de Natashquan
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Forillon Shipyard
  • SPEED : 8 knots
  • ENGINE : 469 kW
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminium