• NAME : Dual Venture
  • BOAT TYPE : Fishing boat
  • DELIVERY: 2015
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The Dual Venture is a large boat (more than 24 metres long) equipped for seine fishing and ready for semi-pelagic trawling. It was built with the latest technology and can hold up to 300 tons of fish in its holds.

Safer, more efficient fishing

The Dual Venture was built following a request from Lunar Fisheries, a European client that wanted to expand and diversify while exploring new markets in Canada. We did more than just use cutting-edge technology in this vessel: we also innovated and optimized the seine fishing method.

The boat’s architecture was revised to make fishing safer and more efficient. What used to be a large mast with a pulley system became a structure grouped on the crane, at the centre of the boat.

The Dual Venture was later sold to Connors Bros. Marine Corp. and renamed Fundy Monarch.

Technical Specifications

  • LENGHT : 32 m / 105 ft
  • WIDTH: 9.15 m / 30 ft
  • OWNER : Lunar Fisheries/Connors Bros. Marine Corp.
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Forillon Shipyard
  • SPEED : 10 knots
  • PROPULSION : 999 Hp
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminium