MILA RAY - Fishing boat - Chantier Naval Forillon



  • NAME : Mila Ray
  • BOAT TYPE : Fishing boat
  • BOAT CATEGORY: Crabber
  • DELIVERY: 2018
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The Mila Ray is a crabbing boat with a 24-foot-wide deck that allows for safe, efficient trap stacking. It is comfortable and stable and has a state-of-the-art RSW system that allows it to quickly lower the temperature of the seawater in the holds while maintaining outstanding water and crab quality.

A durable, optimized boat

Built to replace a second fishing boat, the Mila Ray was inspired by an existing model, then optimized with features such as a side stern thruster to suit its owner’s needs. Its stainless steel water holds are resistant and can hold up to 70,000 lbs of live crabs. No wonder it completed its first season in record time!

Technical Specifications

  • LENGHT : 21.9 m / 72 ft
  • BEAM: 7.3 m / 24 ft
  • OWNER : R&R Deveau Fisheries LTD
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Chantier Naval Forillon
  • SPEED : 10 knots
  • ENGINE : 940 HP/701 kW
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminium