BAIE DE PLAISANCE - Rescue - Chantier Naval Forillon



  • BOAT TYPE : Service boat
  • DELIVERY : 2017
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The CCGS Baie de Plaisance, a search and rescue vessel, was built for the Canadian Coast Guard to tow and rescue vessels in distress or bring entire shipwrecked crews back to shore. Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to that type of mission. This ship is very powerful and can handle almost any weather. Careful attention was paid to crew comfort and safety.

The beginning of a partnership

The construction of the CCGS Baie de Plaisance marked the beginning of a new era for Forillon Shipyard. In the past, we had repaired search and rescue vessels, but this was our first time building one from scratch.

The first of a series of ten vessels, the CCGS Baie de Plaisance served as a prototype of sorts. We made several adjustments and changes along the way in order to deliver a ship that didn’t just meet expectations —it exceeded them. 

Technical Specifications

  • LONGUEUR : 19,05 m / 62 ft
  • LARGEUR : 6.3 m / 21 ft
  • PROPRIÉTAIRE : Canadian Coast Guard
  • ARCHITECTE NAVAL : Royal National Lifeboat Institution/Robert Allan Limited/Navtech
  • VITESSE : 25 knots
  • PROPULSION : 2 x 1193 kW/ 1600HP
  • MATÉRIAU : Aluminum