D.L. STANYAR ET J.F. WHALEN - Tugboats - Chantier Naval Forillon


Project description

  • NAME : D.L. Stanyar et J.F. Whalen
  • BOAT TYPE : Tugboats
  • DELIVERY : 2014
  • SERVICES USED : Architecture | Construction

The D.L. Stanyar and the J.F. Whalen are identically built tugs (twin vessels) delivered to Ontario and Nova Scotia in 2014 to assist our client, McNally Construction, with various projects.

The best of both worlds

With very clear technical requirements but carte blanche for design, we had a lot of latitude for the construction of the D.L. Stanyar and the J.F. Whalen.

These tugs are very versatile at sea and have been optimized to be loaded on a low-bed trailer so they can travel by road. This reduces transportation costs and speeds up their transfer from one site to another.

They were also designed to be lightweight and able to sail in icy waters. This was a great challenge that we were more than happy to undertake, in part because of the strong relationship of trust we have with this client.

Spécifications techniques

  • LENGHT : 12.19 m / 40 ft
  • BEAM : 3.65 m / 12 ft
  • OWNER : McNally Construction
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Forillon Shipyard
  • SPEED : 10 knots
  • ENGINE : 2 x 330 HP
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminum