Project description

  • NAME : Qimu
  • BOAT TYPE : Tugboat
  • DELIVERY : 2006
  • SERVICES USED : Construction

The Qimu is the first tug we custom designed to pull barges in the Arctic Ocean for the purpose of delivering goods to northern villages. It served as a prototype for ten other tugs built for this client between 2015 and 2022.

Bringing barges ashore

This utility vessel is brought to its destination by cargo ship. On site, the barges are first unloaded with cranes, the containers are then loaded onto the barges, and finally the tug beaches the barges for unloading on the shore. The Qimu often has to navigate in shallow rivers without a dock to land on.

It is also well equipped for other missions thanks to its shallow draft and specially shaped bow for ice work. In fact, the Qimu was sold after a few years because it no longer met our customer’s needs.

As a result of this experience, the model was improved twice: first with the construction of the Tuulik and Tuugaalik  in 2015, then with the construction of the Qimmiq and Uqaliq in 2017.



Spécifications techniques

  • LENGHT : 14.8 m / 48.5 ft
  • BEAM : 4.8 m / 15.7 ft
  • OWNER : NEAS Inc.V
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT : Raymond Daoust
  • SPEED : 8 knots
  • ENGINE : 2 x 350 HP
  • MATERIALS : Steel and aluminum